About us
Who are we?
We are a group of characters inspired by the minds of many children and the aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up.
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Loveliness for primary schools
We create award winning products for teachers to use in primary schools. The ethos of our brand lays firmly in the personal and social development of children but our products are far reaching and can be used in all areas of the curriculum. Our designs are well loved and have made their way into over 50% of all the primary schools in UK and in over 40 countries around the world.
In the beginning
It started with a sticker!
Caroline Allams was sitting in her classroom talking to her Year 1 class with all but one of her pupils making eager eye contact. The child whose target it was to use eye contact did so for a minute or two and to let him know how delighted Allams was, she drew him on a piece of plain paper, as a superhero, with the words, ‘I USED MY EYES TO SHOW THAT I WAS LISTENING’. When his mum met him at the school gate that afternoon, she praised her son and reaffirmed his progress and from then on, this little boy’s eye contact improved day on day.
From a simple sticker
To hundreds of Pedagogs designs!
Following this success, it was not unusual to see many of Allams children rustling in and around school adorned with their personalised messages of achievement. That was the start of The Pedagogs.
We are truly global!
started in Hong Kong and now in UK
The business grew, against the odds from its humble little office in Hong Kong. It was the eagerness of their loyal customers that kept the company going. Year after year, the team grew, they created more products and the annual catalogues got heavier and heavier! By 2011, Social Media was growing fast and the Pedagogs team became focused on taking The Pedagogs to the screen. The concept behind Natterhub was born.
Now in UK
Speedily shipped directly to you!
The Pedagogs is now happily based in UK and we have a lovely range of goodies available via our pals at PTS.
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Focus on the future
The Digital Pedagogs
If downloading is you preference, then you can click through to our Pedagogs Downloads page and sign up for full access to a multitude of files to adorn your classroom and corridors.
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Introducing Natterhub
The Relationships and Social Media Tool
Natterhub is an exciting and innovative digital tool that brings safe social media to the classroom! Remove some of your workload and ease your concerns about online safety and social media because Natterhub has it covered.
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